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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yes I'm aware this is my third post today but my baby is asleep and my fiance is at work so here I am. Plus I told you there was a lot on my mind today.

Any who...

I have been thinking a lot lately about where I will be or where I wantto be 10 years from now. This usually ends up in me being extremely overwhelmed and hyperventilating and reminding myself this is why I take life one day at a time. But here are some of the combinations that I have come up with in my mindless and unproductive daydreams

Living in an apartment in NYC in the meat packing district above a small boutique ( which I may or may not own depending on the day) I revert back to my original passion which is fun and funky evening wear for women in their 20's.

or maybe right here in Northern VA specifically Clarendon. Again living in an apartment above a boutique (this one is def. owned by me) I can totally picture myself walking across the street to the local Starbucks and sitting in Barns and Noble blogging my life away. Its also close to my family which is always a huge positive

somedays I want to live in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere or across the pond. I can garden all day while my kids frolic in the huge amount of yard we have. I can dry my cloths on the line we have outside and sell my crafts in the local village.


again I am overwhelmed with the pressure of figuring out my next ten years in 10 minutes so here is where I bid adieu lovely bloggers good night!

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Jessie said...

those sound like good ideas!!

ps. how did you get such cute font for your signature and post title!?

The Peanut Gallery said...

go to the design tab and go to template designer then go to advanced and you can change all your fonts

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