1 Extreme Makeover : Room Edition

Saturday, February 12, 2011

If there was one thing about my mannerisms I could change it would be my unorganizational (yes im aware this is not a word) skills. When I lived at my apartment in Morgantown it was always clean and well kept but for some reason I have a really hard time keeping my room clean. I would rather go in and tackle my brothers disgusting living quarters than attempt to clean my room. I have no idea why I am this way but I would like to try to change it. This is why for the next two weeks I will be on Extreme Makeover: Bedroom Edition. When we moved back from Morgantown I never really unpacked. Iv been living out of suitcases and I have boxes all over my room, In May it will be a year... this is ridiculous.
Peyton has been taking really great naps of late as in like 3-4 hours. I think this is the perfect time to spend throwing everything I own out. I'm not sure if I will start tomorrow or Monday but as soon as I do I'll take some before pictures (not many because I'm really embarrassed) and post them for all to see. Then in 2 weeks hopefully it will be a totally different place and I can post some bangin after pictures.
It also is in dire need of a paint job since it is still painted like a 16 year old girl lives there.
so stay tuned!

^^^ pretty sure that's what hit my room

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Amanda said...

Yeah I've seen your room. You should definitely clean it LOL<3

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