0 Phone, Meet Cup of Water... and other exciting news

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today my phone met its match... she is one and a half
It had a good (but short) run and will be missed (kinda)

But as with every situation I always try to see the glass half full (no pun intended because said glass was way more than half full):

* It has motivated Mikey and I to get off our parents plans (yes we were still on their plans) and finally get our own family plan. We are so grown up

* With our new plan we are getting Iphones (yay!)

* I am also getting a new number, while this is a little sad because I liked my old number it is also nice because only the people I really want to have access to it will have it.

In other news

As you might be able to tell I gave my blog a make over today. I made my own background on photoshop. What do you think? Is it hard to read? Is there too much going on? I think I like it but who knows I will probably get bored with in about a week.

I havent heard back from Zee Spot yet so i dont know if they have processed my order yet. I would guess not since the money is still in my account. This is not so good news because I have 3 onesies on order that I need to make ASAP and it's kinda hard to do with out them.

I have a lot going on in my head today that I would like to get out on here but I think I will have to come back later tonight after Peyton goes to bed because I know as soon as I start to write she will wake up from her nap.

So until next time!

<3 Ashley

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