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Monday, February 14, 2011

Good morning all and Happy V Day!!!!

I'm not a huge celebrator of Valentine's. I usually prefer a low key night in with a home made dinner (which i how we have spent our last two valentines) Today will be a little different though. Mikey has to close at the restaurant tonight so Peyton and I are going to get dressed up and go visit him for dinner. It's a little stinky he cant eat with us but at least we will se him.

He does have the morning off though so we are going to have lots of family time today.

I think I'll start the morning off by making heart pancakes.

Todays letter is "C" I can't think of anything Vaentinesdayie to make that starts with "C" so I think we are just going with cat. We have 2 cats so Peyton already knows the word which will be a lot easier for her.

Mikey said he would put Peyton's letters on her wall today. I still have to glue the flowers on first but I'm excited to see them up.

Then maybe we will go to the park if it's warm enough. It says 57 but windy. And then we may just have to make a stop at Starbucks.

It should be a nice day and I'm really excited for family time!
What are your plans today?
Hope you all have a happy lovin' day!

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Jessie said...

my day will be filled with annoyances i can assure you! its only 9 am here and things keep happening haha but we dont really celebrate Vday... but i will probbaly make chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting (they dont sell it here except for Vday! so weird) Yumm.

ps i like the word of the day idea. I made flash cards i have yet to print out. which i probably should..

pps... where did you get her those skinny jeans?! toooooo cute!! i want a pair for DUlany. but she has short chunky legs.. so maybe no.

Ashley said...

We dont really do V day either but it was SUCH a good family day Illpost about in a sec.

Word of the day is a lot of fun she is catching on really fast and when we are done I think I will hang a clothes line in her room and hang them from it.

The jeans are from baby gap and the are SO FREAKING cute like I die every time she has them on.. I wish I had her wardrobe

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