1 Valentine's Recap

Monday, February 14, 2011

Today was even better than I expected! It started out a little rough when I realized that the car seat was in my dads car this morning when he took it to work :-O!!!!!! I was SUPER bummed out. I thought m whole day was going to go out the window but again like always I tried to look at my glass half full.

I still made my pancakes (not as pretty as the ones I posted earlier but hey I tried!)

We did letter of the day C for cat

P found this suitcase type thing upstairs and she was so cute dragging it around every where.

Then I decided car or no car we were going to the park so P and I got dressed (dad was napping) and we got on her tricycle ( it has a handle in the back so I can push it) and we walked over to the park (about 2-3 miles away) Im SOOO happy we decided to walk! It was such a beautiful day the sun was out it was like 60 and seriously everyone we saw on the way to the park was so friendly! I love friendly people. About one up hill climb before we reached our destination i got a BAD blister and didnt think I was going to make it but I pushed through it and we made it to the park. As soon as I got there I called Mikey and told him if he didnt bring me sneeks socks and a band aid I wasn't making it home. He brought them to me and then played with us for a while. P LOVED it.

After we were parked out Mikey went home to change shoes so he could come back and walk home with us. P and I walked over to Starbucks and got lunch. We ate outside. She made a little friend they shared cookies and hung out for about 45 min. I realized after the fact tht I should have gotten her parents number or something because I have zero young mom friends here and it would have been nice but dummy me didnt even think about it! Oh well maybe we will run into them again some day.

When Mikey got there we walked back home. It was so refreshing. I told Mikey it was good for our hearts and good for our souls. The fresh almost spring air mixed with friendly people and exercise. I think I will have to make a walk to the park a weekly activity whether permitting.

After we got home P passed out

When she woke up I got us ready and we went out to surprise Mikey at dinner. He was so happy we came in and we had a lot of fun. It was great to see everyone at the restaurant. P was such a good girl.

She was wearing me shoes from when I was a baby ... she lovvveees shoes. She showed them off all night.

We got home around 9 got ready for bed and she passed right out.

Every year for Valentines one of my BFFs Nailah sends me a homemade Vday card. I love you Nai and miss you thank you for the card!

all in all my best Valentine's day yet. I hope you all had a great day with loved ones!

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Haley said...

It looks like yall had so much fun!

I am going to need you to hurry and get a phone back like yesterday!!!

oh and can you explain more on this letter of the day? I am super interested and would love to start it with Kwinci is you will give me the deets LOL.

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