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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So i have seen a lot of blogs lately where they have special posts dedicated to fashion and personal style. My favorite being Jess over at TART. I love this idea and now I am going to start Trendy Tuesdays here at The Peanut Gallery.

I am fully aware that this is the WORST quality picture and fully apologize. I took it with my iPhone in the only full length mirror we have which is in a dark hallway ... not a good combination. But any who

No Noni's Closet is not some super fab store you don't know about it. Noni is what Peyton calls my mom and I frequent her closet often. Its free and super cute (for a mom) jk mom if you are reading this you are cute even for a regular person too!

But just for the record

Sweater: no tags so I'm clueless to where it actually came from

Skirt: Target

Boots: also no idea but she said they were something like 20 years old so who really knows

Earrings: I know you cant see them in the picture but here is a close up

My cousin made them and she is a fabulous jewelry designer I love love love her stuff!!!! Here is her Etsy store. She doesn't currently have anything for sale but make it a favorite trust me your wont be sorry!

In other news:

I worked on the personalized boxes that my onesies go in today and I'm really happy with the results

In Peyton news:

Today P took her baby doll and laid her on the floor she but a blanket over her and gave her her snuggly and then she said 'night night' and Mikey and I were like 'awww baby go night night ' and she put her little finger up to her lips and said 'SHHHHH!' bahhaha she cracks me up

That's all for now folks I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday. Until tomorrow

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Haley said...

Nice outfit Ash! The funny thing about a "trendy Tuesday" post is, that if I tried to do that OMG I would be made fun of for the rest of my bloggy life LOL. I swear all I fit in right now with this big ole belly is T-shirts and like jogging pants hahaha. How trendy right? I cant wait for Kali to be here!!

Hey are those boxes wood or cardboard? They are super cute though!

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