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Friday, February 11, 2011

... Keeps the cabin fever away!
Pey and I have been cooped up for liike MONTHS it feels. It's too cold to play outside for excessive amounts of time and every time I do leave the house I spend money because, well, I'm a shopping addict. So for the next....26? ( I had to take a min. to go through my ABC's) days I will go through a letter of the alphabet till we get to, you guessed it, Z!

So naturally today was A and A is for Apple. I cut out the apple and Peyton helped color the leaves. Then we went over "A is for Apple" several times and she caught on pretty quickly. So for the rest of the day A will be our letter.

I would love to do this with fabric at some point but Im not sure she has the patience for that right now. We may have to redo the "letter a day" in a few years so we can be more creative

And now for the Pictures

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