1 Photoshop, Peyton, and (Ph)ailure

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Im super excited because I finally downloaded photoshop on my new laptop. This means I got to mess around and attempt to make a banner for my Etsy store and I'm actually pretty proud of it. I know I'm not a photoshop wizard or anything but for being rusty I did a pretty good job. you can be the judge though.

(for a better view visit my Etsy store)

When I went to visit Amanda last weekend we made a trip to Joann's. I finally bought letters for Peyton's room which has been on my to do list since.. well since shes been alive. I had some help from Kristen today we went to Michales and bought scrapbooking paper and Kris painted the sides of the letters green while I cut out the paper. I go some flowers to add to them too but I just don't know for sure how I want to arrange it so Ill work on it tomorrow but here is the almost finished product

Lastly I failed AGAIN at ordering the onesies I KNOW I KNOW! To be fair P took a really bad nap today because I had her out and about shopping and what not. She took one really late and therefore went to bed really late and by the time I remembered I was too tired to go downstairs and deal with it sooo FIRST THING TOMORROW

I do feel like I got a lot accomplished today so I dont feel too bad about it but I need those to get this store running
Focus Ashley

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

i wish i saw the scrapbooking paper on letters before i painted D's name.. Next kid! they look so cute! now if only we had a craft store here..

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