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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So I set out today to wedding dress shop with no intention at all of actually buying a dress because, well, my wedding is over a year and a half away so Im obviously in no rush. I went to one store and found several cute dresses or really pretty ones but none that were "the dress". I found two that i really liked and were worth writing down but I didnt LOVE them. We went to another bridal salon after that and it was 2 stories of dresses all on mannequins. I tried on about 6 or 7 upstairs and again didnt love any of them. I went downstairs and tried on another 10 or so and I really really liked a few of them but still nothing that felt like it was it. Then after one last look around wearing the last dress I had picked out I saw it sitting in the corner how I had passed by it 3 or 4 times is beyond me but I was like what about that one? I put it on and it zipped right up it was the perfect fit no pins needed it was kinda like it was made for me. I fell in love. I wasnt going to get it yet but they gave us such a good deal and i really really loved it so we just went for it. It is strapless but they are adding lace caped sleeves and they are lowering the back V 2 inches. and covering the zipper the whole way with covered buttons. Its going to have every aspect of all the dresses I tried on put together and Im so excited to see the finished product!

This weekend we are planning on going to try bridesmaid dresses and I may have to try on a few couture over priced dresses just becasue Im kinda sad that my dress trying on is over! Ill make sure to only try dresses WAY beyond my price range as to not be tempted to change my mind! but any way here are some pictures of me in the dress. I still have 15 lbs to lose and tone my arms up! (dont worry Mikey assured me he doesnt ever read this so he wont see me in my dress!)

(Pictures Removed till wedding day!)

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