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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have been thinking about bridesmaid dresses a lot lately since I already have my dress. Originally I was just going to go with one dress. them I thought maybe pick a color and fabric and find a line that carried it in different styles. Then I was throwing around the idea of just giving them a color scheme and style and letting them pick out their own. The more I thought about it the more I loved the idea.

I sent them all an email today with some sample dresses and some guidelines.

Hurrr is the email

Hey ladies
So iv been running a few ideas for BM dresses through my head and I think iv settled on having you all wear different dresses in the same color scheme with similar style. Here are just a few that I have collected that I really like they are all from Modcloth.com if you wanna look at them in different views or up close. They may not be your cup o tea but guess what ITS MY WEDDING GET OVER IT BRIDEZILLA RAWWRRR just kidding.. kinda :)
But like I said these are just a few ideas I mean not all of these are even available right now on the site and who knows if they will ever be back in stock. So I would like you to feel free to go out looking for your own dresses too and send me pictures of ones you like that fit in with this scheme.
Things Im looking for

Shades of green

Shades of yellow

Shades of cream

Old lady flower print

Vintage styles

Any length

It can have other patterns not just old lady flower just as long as it fits in with the other dresses

It can be solid too I dont really care

Remember it's a wedding people so try to look for something somewhat fancy/wedding appropriate nothing to cheap ( but this doesnt mean you have to spend $10000000)

Places that might be a good place to look



Free People

Thrift stores


You know that kinda thing

let me know what you all think!!!!! loves you <3

here are the dresses

then I gathered some more and sent another email

All of these dresses are from Modcloth because I lurves it but obvi they can look anywhere for a dress as long as it goes.

so what do you guys think?!

Im super excited for them to all get their dresses and to see what they all look like together!

In Peyton news~

Today I bought a cubby shelf to put all P's toys in because up till now I have been using her pack n play. I will write more about it tomorrow and post some pictures

In St. Pattys news~

Today Mikey P and I ran errands, went to Starbucks and Elevation Burger for lunch, went to Babies R Us, went to Home Depot, picked up my sisters BFF from the airport. She is in town for the shower. Then we came home ate dinner and relaxed outside on this beautiful day.

Nothing too Irish about it but a great day none the less!

Hope you all had a happy Thursday!

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Deanna said...

man....i've been in a handful of weddings and i would have loved this! instead i'm stuck with a bunch of bridesmaids dresses that will never be worn again.

Haley Galloway said...

Oh man. You are a smart and good, good lady! Those dresses are all beautiful. I think anyone would love to wear a dress like that, and they really can wear them again!

P.S I am obsessed with modcloth. LOVE!

She Said... said...

I am totally salivating over all your wedding plans! Absolutely love it! Cannot wait to see the pictures from our gorgeous day to be!!!!

I agree with Deanna, I have tons of bridesmaids dresses that I don't know what to do with. This would be a much better option for more wear-ability. Your bridesmaids are pretty lucky.

Ashley said...

This is awesome and will definitely look great if all the BMs stick to their guidelines ;)

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