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Saturday, March 19, 2011


I am soooo excited right now. My babe just conked out, I'm laying in bed, watching 'Say Yes To The Dress', and blogging about the past few days! Perfect

It has been pretty hectic around here so I'm going to recap for you as to why Iv been pretty MIA.

Thursday Night~

Thursday night my mom and I watched Bones and spent 2 hours putting together a toy shelf that I paid $50 for. If you asked me the labor mixed with the workmans comp from P shoving a wood shelf in my face Martha Stuart should be paying me $50. Really!?! I have to pay 50 bucks for a poor quality shelf that I have to put together myself?! I'm thinking about selling pieces of wood for 100$ and calling it a book shelf. On the bright side her toys are no longer crammed in a pack n play!

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One of my bestie best friends and bridesmaids Nailah came to visit from TEXAS (boo hiss ick!) She is in grad school there and I haven't seen her in MONTHS. I went to go pick her up at her aunts house around 12 (after a very stressful morning entailing the car seat) We went to Starbucks (durr) with my mom and Pey and had some lunch then went last min. grocery shopping for the shower. We stopped in one of my favorite baby boutiques Anna-Kates Closet, and bought Nikki a few more things (because babies can never have enough!)

We went home and my sister and her best friend came over and we set up and baked for the shower. I made Sour Cream Orange Glazed scones which I will post the recipe for on Monday YUMMMM.

Then Nai myself and our other best friend, another BM, Meaghan all went to Restaurant 3 for dinner and some drinks. My sister, brother in law and Caity met us there and then another one of my brides maids and my bestie Katie came. Dinner was so great. The food was amazing and the company was even better! I LOVE girls dinners with close friends and miss having us all together.


Today was finally my sisters shower!!!! It was so much fun. My mom threw a lovely party as always and I think all in all every one had a great time. We had so much good food and we made our salad from this post it was a hit! There wasn't anything left over and we used dressing #2 AMAZING! So if you do make it def. use #2 it makes all the difference. Nikki got tons of great goodies for my sweet baby nephew who will be here in a little over a month!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

Also My great niece and nephew (yes Im technically a great aunt x2 at 22) came to visit for the shower, Parker and Nola. They are soooo adorable. This was our first time meeting Nola since she was born and we haven't seen Parker since this summer. Peyton was obsessed! 'MOMMA BABY!' and 'AWWW SOOO CUTE'. They all had a great time I wish they could have stayed longer!

All in all it has been a really great weekend I hope tomorrow proves to be just as fabulous and hopefully a little relaxing.

Hope you all are having a good weekend!!!

Happy Saturday!!!!!

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