1 Philly Recap

Friday, March 25, 2011

Philly was so much fun and a much needed mini vaca.

We drove up Tuesday around 12 and go there around 230. No traffic and a nice drive!

We drove into the city and parked on Broad st. then walked a few blocks to South st.

Philly was filled with beautiful street art! That's the thing I love most about the city is all the beautiful and creative art you find in the most unexpected places.

We stopped into Tattooed Moms which is this fabulous little bar and had a few drinks and some $ tacos yummmy

I would have loved to stay on South st. longer and shopped at all the cute boutiques but our meter only had 2 hours on it :-/

So we went back to the car and headed off to the stadium.

We got some beer and soft pretzels and headed to our seats.

The game was so much fun and even though we lost in a shoot out we def. got our monies worth!

After the game we met up with our friend Jimmy and went back to his apartment to stay the night! We are so lucky we didn't have to pay for a hotel and that Jimmy let us stay with him THANK YOU!!!!!

The next morning we were just going to go back home but after I let Mikey know that Iv been to Philly 3 times and never had a cheese steak he said we HAD to go back.

On our way up we got pulled over and got a warning for having a frame around our plate. Really!? Apparently it's illegal in PA but news flash Im from VA.... I guess i have to take it off every time I cross into the P boarder... DUMB

Anyways... So we got to Philly and decided to do the cheese steak challenge
If you have ever seen the food network there are two rival cheese steak shops across the corner from one another Geno's and Pats. We went to Geno's first and split a plain cheese steak and fries. Then we went over to Pats and Mikey got another plain one but I wanted mushroom, peppers, and onions on mine.

After throughly reviewing the two shops we decided we liked Pat's better. Not only were there more options, the subs were bigger, and their service was 129038120938 times better. The people at Geno's were SO rude!

Then after our low cal breakfast we made our way back home to see our baby who we missed so much! 24 hours is a long time to be away from your itty bitty!

We had family snuggle time

It was so much fun and I can't wait to go back and shop around more and do some sight seeing I love Philly!

I made a video of our trip ill try to get it together and put it up later it will take me a while!

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AmyLee said...

holy crap, i hear ya. i always think of how vulnerable i feel now too, after having a kid. now i have something i'm actually truly afraid to lose. crazy, right??

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