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Friday, March 25, 2011

I used to never ever cry.

Not for movies.

Not for TV.

Not for books.

Not for anything.

Then I got pregnant and had a baby

Now Im like a freaking sprinkler system during a fire.

Also crime shows make me sick to my stomach yet I cant seem to look away. I love murder shows...
I think there might be something wrong with me

Now mix the two

Crime shows that involve babies/infants/parents and I'm a goner

Sometimes I think I'm a masochist

I would also like to add that I am convinced I will die scary movie style and constantly freak myself out by playing unpleasant scenarios in my head

Crime shows do not help my situation

This furthers proves the masochist theory

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

see. im addicted to tornado shows.. like storm chasers. I can't NOT watch them yet they are my worst nightmare (ive never even seen one!) and i continue to have nightmares when sleeping about them. Its horrible. I hate it. Maybe its the way i will die...??

Deanna said...

can i just tell you that i totally understand where you are coming from. i was NEVER emotional, and now the tiniest little things make me sappy.

i even took gage to see shrek 4 while i was pregnant with owsley and cried. so yeah. i suck.

Corri Beth said...

I am so with you. The only time I had ever cried at a movie before my first pregnancy was at the end of Armageddon. Now I cry over Disney movies! I also play out, er, unpleasant scenarios in my head involving something happening to me or my family and trying to figure out what I would do. YOu`re not alone. :)

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