0 Death by Manicure

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This was me yesterday in the nice sunshine. It was 67 and warm and wonderful.

This is today.. Rain and cold and blah.

My mom and I are going to get mani pedis and lunch with my sister for her birthday. This morning when talking to my mom about what time we were leaving

she said: 'Ashley there are supposed to be some really bad storms today

me: 'ok?'

mom: '9 people have already died in Virginia'

me: 'from what?'

mom:'hurricanes and tornadoes!'

me: 'I think we will be alright, were just going to get out nails painted'

Let me just tell you the last time we had a tornado was like 10 years ago and it maybe touched down for a mili second. Virginia is a decent sized state and yes wile people have died from tornadoes in southern VA it currently looks like a regular ol rainy day here in NOVA... sometimes she says weird things.
I do think that our venture down the street to get our nails done will not end fatally. But should it it was nice knowing you all!

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