4 Girls Day Out

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welp we survived the dreaded rain

Although today was rainy poo poo we still made the best of it and had a fabulous girls day out!

We went to lunch at Max Fox

 Fried Pickles and Pretzel Bites yummm


 Tomato Basil and Mozzarella Panini , salad and chili  

 Someday you will thank me for this

Then we dropped P off at home with her daddy and went to Off Broadway and did a little shoe shopping

 Loved them all but went with the wedges because uh duh they are adorable 

Next was manis and pedis 

 I wanted something bright ans springy so I went with Greenwhich Village (it matched my cardi) 

 They also matched my Starbucks 

When we got home P LOVED my nails. She was all 'ohhh ahhh so pretty momma' so my dad went and got some polish and gave her her first pedicure 

Dont you love them?! Yeah me too!

Oh and Ill throw in a Stepin Out Saturday too

Cardi~ Mommas

Tanktop~ Nordstrom

Shirt~ Pac Sun

Belt~ IDK

Jeggings~ Nordstrom

Shoes~ Off Broadway dur

Earrings~ Etsy

It was a wonderful day spent with my momma and sister. I love love girl days. 
Happy Saturday everyone! 

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MJ said...

I love all of the shoes!!! Very cute wedges.

Jessie said...

well geeze i need to join your family!! haha looks like you had tons of fun! and this was the first time you painted P's nails? i bet she loved it! I used to paint D's as a baby but its gotten harder now because SHE wants to do it and then she throws a fit when im done painting her nails. That stinker!

Joy said...


Love the nails too! I want to have a girls day soon!

mandy@harper's happenings said...

um yeah, those wedges are perfection.

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