2 Defiant is Her Middle Name

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No but seriously though I'm thinking of changing her middle name to Defiant.

Peyton Defiant Woolsey... it has a certain ring to it no?

She had definitely hit her terrible twos early and I am NOT looking forward to what is in store for the future. She tells me 'NO!' all the time. She doesn't listen. She says 'MINE" to everything (thanks a lot for that one Pappy) She climbs on everything. She knows how to open doors to go outside. If she doesnt get her way she throws the worlds most dramatic tantrums. She is truly my daughter and now it is biting me in the ass.


She is an ANGEL if we are constantly doing something

This morning we played peek-a-boo and she was happy.

Then we stopped (come on one can only peek-a-boo some 15 million times before they need a break) and she cried 

Then we went to the store and she was perfection. 

Then we came home and she cried.

Then she wanted to color with marker and I said no and she threw a fit. So I broke out some left over supplies from her under the sea party invites from last year and we did arts and crafts and she was happy.

But then she wanted to go outside so she threw a fit. 

So my friend Meaghan came over and we went on a little walk and she was happy.

Then we came home and she found a pen and started drawing on important papers so I said no and guess what? She threw a fit. So then I put her down for nap.

It is an exhausting roller coaster of up and down emotions on a day to day basis. Yesterday she didn't even take a nap imagine how well that went over.

I love her to death but man this phase could be over and I would be so ecstatic.

Enjoying the peace of nap time and hoping it will be a lengthy one.

Cardigan~ Old Navy

Shirt~ Pac Sun

Jeggings~ Nordstrom

Shades~ Sunglasses Hut

Earrings~ Etsy

Necklace~ Maid of Honor Gift from my sista

Shoes~ Nonezo

Belt~ My Closet


Cardigan~ Target

Shirt~ Baby Gap

Skirt~ Baby Gap

Legings~ Janie and Jack

Uggs~ Nordstrom

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Tom said...

hahaha D was like that and she still has her moments but she doesn't throw tantrums as much. But then they will kick back in this summer im sure. I def. don't look foward to her talking back to me. She hasn't done it yet.

ps. D had the same PJs last summer.

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

sorry, that was me!!

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