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Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm not really in the bloggity mood right now but Ill leave you some cool links for Easter that I stumbled upon

I want this in my backyard 

Design Easter eggs all dressed up

Id eat my eggs out of this!

These earrings would look so cute for Easter Sunday

It wouldnt be here in time but this dress just screams spring and I need it! Throw on a cardigan and it would make a great Easter dress. Or this one 

These garden party shoes are to die for (including my new wedges that are currently sitting in my closet be jealous)

How cute are these? I would totally make them with P if I didn't think she would smash them.

We are dying easter eggs tomorrow and maybe having a little hunt either tomorrow or Sunday. I will be doing some last min. basket shopping for P tonight and tomorrow and hopefully I can find some cute additions!

Hope you all are having a better Friday than us! Maybe be back later for a flash back

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Joy said...

UGH! I totally want that in MY backyard too! :) So Pretty!

MJ said...

Yup...I'll have one of those for my yard please.

camille yanair said...


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