1 Good Morning April!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Today is the first day of April! YAY! Spring is getting that much closer!

Some good things about this month

The Peanut Gallery is sponsoring three of my favorite blogs and I'm SO excited! I love how everyone in the blogging community is so ready and willing to help each other out!

Who are we sponsoring you might ask?



Sometimes Sweet

If you don't already read their blogs do it because they are some fabulous women and mommas to boot!

April 1st also marks another important date:

Day one of P90X AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Im so nervous! Kristen will be here at 8 to get our butts kicked I will let you know how that goes... if I make it through!

Happy April!

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

you need to go read NieNieDialogues.blogspot.com - her and her husband were in a plane crash and she was a really bad burn victim and she has i think 4 kids - she's really inspiring!

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