Monday, April 25, 2011

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I love love love your comments it's what makes me want to come back and post about my oh so extravagant life everyday!
I love new followers, it leads me to new blogs and I love finding new blogs!
If you follow me on The Book you can easily be updated on new posts and then come read about what crazy adventurous things I did (hint it probably involves a trip to Starbucks)
So yeah all of these things are fun and exciting and you should do them. However if you answered No to any of the above questions then I wouldn't suggest following through with the next steps because, well, I don't like you either!

And now because it is 79 and fa-reaking beautiful out I will let you look at what I wore to lunch with my bestie today I know you care 

 Dress~ Target

Little jacket thinggie~ Wet Seal

Shoes~ Off Broadway

Earrings~ Etsy

Necklace~ my room somewhere

Belt~ to be honest I think it came on a pair of jeans... remember when it was cool to buy jeans with belts attached?.... oh yeah me either....

Amazingly good looks~ Bob and Deb

Hope you are all having a fabbity Monday day Ill soak up some extra rays for you!

Don't forget what we talked about!

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AmyLee said...

dude, i totally hear you on the comment front. so here i am :)
i'm super jealous of your weather & you look adorable!

Nicole said...

Aw man! I'm totally not the coolest and newest follower anymore! Darn!

PS: did you know that the Goonies was filmed in Oregon? Maybe that only matters to me because I'm from Oregon and it makes me feel cool....

(Also: I answered yes!)

The Peanut Gallery said...

Thanks Amy!- I was starting to feel like a fool begging for comments and having no one comment! And the weather here is ridiculously amazing (not to rub it in anymore or anything)

Nicole- you may not be the newest but you can still be the coolest (just dont tell my other followers that)

an no I did not know that but now I will store it into my random facts box in my brain. Mikey is always giving me random facts about Delaware like I really care but I love the Gonnies so you fact is way cooler than his.

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