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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As a was taking a walk with my Peanut today I was thinking about how great I have been feeling about myself of late. I'm actually starting too feel cute in clothes again and not jut searching for things to cover up my fat rolls.

I am in no way shape or form bikini  ready and frankly don't know if I will ever be but I have made vast improvements physically and mentally with my body image and I feel really good about that.

So here is my little motivational spiel.

I was a record breaking 200 lbs when I gave birth to Peyton and that is just not OK. While I only gained 30 lbs during my pregnancy I was already at my heaviest weight and unhappy with my body when I got preggo. The first 30 lbs came off fairly easily but I didn't really do anything to help it out. I wasn't exercising, I wasn't eating well, I was really unhappy. After I graduated and came home my sister took me on twice a week for personal training and gave me homework assignments. I lost 15 lbs in about 3 months. Now I was 160.
Then the holidays hit and I threw everything out the window. I didnt gain the weight back but I wasn't doing anything to take it off. I was still really unhappy. Then Dec 27th came and Mikey popped the question! This was my biggest motivation. I do NOT want to be a fat bride. I do NOT want to look back at my wedding pictures and think ew why did I ever let myself get like that? Something needed to be done. I started eating a little better but still not working out or doing anything drastic and I always had some excuse.
Thankfully Kristen came to me a month ago with P90X and I jumped right in. This was my chance to stop the excuses and start to start making myself happy. This Friday will mark one month into P90X and I feel really great. I have only lost 5 lbs but I have build a lot of muscle and burned a lot of fat. Im at 150 right now and hope to be 140 when all is said and done.
I guess what I want to accomplish with this post is to tell others who are unhappy with themselvs that it wont fix itself. Get off the couch, put down that cookie, and do something about it!
I am probably the laziest person ever. It takes a lot to get me motivated. But I want this. I suggest that you find what works best for you and go for it. I wake up every morning and Kristen comes over. I put on Wow Wow Wubbzy for P on the laptop and give her a morning snack (yes one hour of TV will not kill my daughter) She entertains herself for the most part and I get my work out in. Don't use your kids as an excuse not to work out. Some suggestions?

Utilize nap time: I know its your one time for the day for you time but why not do a quick DVD or even just some crunches or push ups something to make you feel better about yourself.

Involve your kids: Now that its nice out P and I go on at least a 30 min. walk every day weather permitting. Most days we walk 45 min. to Starbucks I get a drink, we relax, maybe stop at the park, and walk 45 min. home. Get a jogging stroller and go on a run. Do what Amy did and buy a bike caddy. Take your kids for a bike ride with you. Not only are all of these great because you are working out but your kids get to be outside and the extra weight of pushing or pulling them along helps with your workout. This also allows your kids to see you choosing to use your free time making healthy choices and will hopefully help them to do so in the future.

Wake Up Early: Danielle  suggested a while ago to wake up before your little ones and hit the gym while dad keeps an ear out. Obviously this isn't for everyone but if you are a morning person then why not try it out. You get a positive start to your day.

Grab a friend: I 120% know I wouldn't be sticking with P90X if I didn't have Kristen to do it with me and help motivate me. I don't think there is anything wrong with this just make sure you find someone you can rely on and it helps if you are one somewhat the same level but you don't have to be!

Chose a eating regiment that works for you

Jess  is all about clean eating and obviously it works if you have seen her before and after shots. I don't think I have the will power to be this extreme but it works for her and it may work for you.

Mandy and her husband are on a strict diet that is also proving to work well for them. They take a break every Saturday for their date night and then get back on track.

Drea is vegan and put up a 2 week shopping list up for $83! Insane! This goes to prove that you don't have to spend oodles of money to be healthy.

I know tons of people who have done things like weight watchers and it's worked out great for them. There are so many diets and ways to start eating healthy out there you just have to find what works right for you.

Personally I don't like counting calories. So I just chose to ration and make healthy choices. I don't eat fast food, I can't remember the last time I did and truthfully it kinda grosses me out thinking about it. I know after eating it how guilty and gross I will feel. If I'm craving a fast burger I go to Elevation Burger. There burgers are organic and they use healthy and fresh ingredients. I get mine in a lettuce wrap and it's delish one of my favorite things and I dont feel guilty at all after I eat it. This doesnt mean you can't indulge every now and then it just means you will have to make up for it later by going an extra mile or doing 10 extra push ups.

Another suggestion from Danielle and a new favorite of mine: Clif Bars. They are high protein low carb and they put a dent in my sweet tooth as well as tie me over till my next meal. Still craving sweet? uh hello FRUIT. I love fresh fruit, its so yumm and light and makes me happy

I also suggest making as much as you can from scratch. This way you know exactly what is going into your food. Buy some healthy eating cook books there are a ton out there and they have some delicious recipes healthy doesn't have to mean bland and flavorless.

Not good in the kitchen? There are TONS of easy and fast recipes you can use that require little to no skills in the kitchen why not try this one to start? SO easy and SO good.

What is the moral of this essay? There are no excuses.
There IS an exercise plan out there for you you just have to find it. There IS a way to eat better for you and your family you just have to find it. It might take some trial and errors but if you really want to do something about it you have to start now. The longer you wait the harder it will be to shed those pounds. And the only person who can really motivate you to do it is you. So close the lap top get off the couch and start doing something today to make yourself feel better tomorrow!

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Deanna said...

it's awesome that there are so many different ways to get healthy. there's basically a plan for everyone.

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

thanks for the inspirational talk. sounds like me i am so darn lazy. My problem is the stupid darn freakin rain here. Gyms are too expensive. ive tried work out dvds.. i get too bored. I NEED IT TO BE SUNNY! hopefully with summer approaching ill get more walks in. (if D will let me get her in the stroller) i also hate that i love sweets. i need to get better at dropping that habit. We have INSANITY and i jsut need to do it. I need to wake up before D and do it...

ps. one hour of tv will def. NOT kill your kid. D watched finding Nemo twice today. Ugh! haha but you're smart. i need to put on a show on the computer while i do exercises. You will be my motivation! and trying to get pregnant. i do not want my pregnancy weight with D to be my pre pregnancy weight with the next kid!

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