2 P90X Update

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JIC you were all worried that we gave up have no fear we are still goin strong!

We have been forgetting to tear our numbers off though so we had to catch up today

10 days down! 

So we are 11 days down and still alive! I feel really great even though I don't feel any smaller but it has only been 11 days. This Friday we will take some two week pictures to compare and see if you can see any difference even though I doubt it!

Im really proud of us and I can't wait till we have 0 days left!

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melissa d. said...

i am doing p90x too! the first 3 weeks i did it almost everyday-now we have incorporated a serious protein diet and i am only doing the discs like 4 times a week. or more if i cheat! kempo is my fav...i wish i could just do that every day!

The Peanut Gallery said...

I didnt like Kempo til today. I think I just felt really awkward dong it but Im getting the hang of it now. Im working on the diet thing but it's def. harder for me than the exercise. I cant believe its been two weeks!

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