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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's rainy and nasty out again today so I don't really think I'll be dressing up to go anywhere. I did however do have a few drinks with Mikey last night and so I thought I'd use that outfit for today

Cardi~ My moms

Shirt~ Azura Clothing Boutique

Shorts~ H&M

Belt~ I dunno

Necklace~ St. Thomas

Earrings~ Etsy

Shoes~ Nordstrom

Then like I said we went to grab a few drinks at a family friends restaurant which is oh so yummy. We may have gotten some food too. And then my friend Meaghan came to join us. Soryy her picture is so dark my iPhone 3 isn't high tech enough for a flash!


The Moon 

And just because

I love my snuggly babe

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janelle said...

she is still drinking a bottle?

The Peanut Gallery said...

Mmmhumm. Her Dr said be off by 18 months that didnt happen then she said 2 years so thats our goal. She mostly just drinks them before nap and bed but Im really not worried about it Ill cut her off cold turkey at 2 if she is still on them

Deanna said...

i NEED those shoes!

Jessie said...

love love those shoes. and those french fries look amazingly delish.

ps... when i took D off the bottle, i got the Nuk sippy cups and used that soft nipple and put it on her bottle (you can switch them i believe, im not sure if you can with all bottle types?) and it took her a few minutes to get the hang of it, and then i switched it back to the sippy cup and eventually she wanted to use a hard tip "big girl" one because of her cousin. (this is me NOT saying this is wha tyou need to do right now blah blah!) each kid takes longer to do do different things! you know whats best for your kid, just wanted to give a little friendly advice when the time does come!

The Peanut Gallery said...

Deanna- poetic license.com I seriously wear the EVERY DAY lol and they are really comfy

Jess- I just wrote an essay on your fb wall haha

The Lovable Ladybug said...

im obsessed with those shoes.

did you use the drop in bottles for P her whole life? im thinking of going out to get them for Kali because they worked great for Kwinci and he was a super gassy baby and im thinking she is going to be too.

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