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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today was day 3 of P90X and we are still alive!

We are pretty much rock stars

And for all you eco lovers out there don't you worry your pretty little heads off those papers go to good use

Also we just got a new carpet and it sheds like a mother Fer like for realz

And then I vacuumed and it was empty when I started and this is how it looked by the end

In other news~

I went to my sisters baby shower number 2 in Pennsylvania yesterday and Franks mom has a piano. I don't want to toot my kids horn or anything but Peyton is basically the next Mozart

Move over world there is a new world famous pianist in town

So any who I hung out with mommy and sister today and I will post about that later Hope you all have had a good weekend!

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Deanna said...

holy moly! that's some crazy carpet shedding!

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