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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet did a post on what scares her (birds). And she asked what we were all afraid of.

I have a phobia of worms. Yes of all the bugs in the buggity world I fear what is most undeniably the least harmful one.
I HATE HATE HATE worms. BLAH I can't even say the word with out getting the creeps. They are so legless and slimy and faceless and wormy and disgusting! I especially hate earth worms. I hate that little lump they have in the middle of them ICK I really hate them.

I remember when I was little I was roller skating down my street along side the curb and low and behold a worm was laying in my path. Instead of stepping over said worm or going around it I literally screamed for like 5 min. till my mom heard me and came running out to see what was wrong. It was a worm. Again I say ICK!

VOMIT. I almost barfed looking for this picture

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