2 Vlogging Vednesday Vol. 5

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Itttttttt'sssss VEDNESDAY! Today is volume 5 and it's all about our significant others.

Mikey isn't home so I couldn't show you his sexy self on camera but for your viewing pleasure

Don't forget to make your own vlog and link it up yo

Vloggin' Vednesdays

Also I did a trend shoot today because I was such a sweaty bum yesterday

Cardi~ Old Navy

Dress~ Target

Belt~ dunno

Leggings~ A Leg Up

Shoes~ Off Broadway

Necklace~ Gifted from Costa Rica

Happy Vednesday!

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Meg said...

LOL ~ I LOVED your vlog! It was so funny, I especially liked the parts about the first time you met him (ew) and when the truck was backing up. Our garbage trucks come at like 6am and wake the girls up every time. :)

L. said...

Oh man, that's definitely going to be a story that you're really going to enjoy telling the grandkids! :D

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