2 Seven Deadly Sins

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I mentioned before in my vlog a few weeks ago that I suffer from a few, if not all, deadly sins. I thought I would break it down and see just how soon i should pack my bags for Hell.

First and foremost

Gluttony~ I'v probably said it a million and one times but I for sure suffer from gluttony. I LOVE food. If there is something tasty in front of my face it doesn't matter how stuffed I am I will eat it. Needless to say this whole P90X nutrition plan is killing me, which is sort of Ironic because of the whole deadly sin thing.

Sloth~ I think this sin comes next. I'm lazy. I love to sit on my couch, watch a movie, and snuggle in my jammies. I hate doing laundry it's like a multiple day process for me because I don;t feel like walking down to the basement to fold clean clothes. It takes a lot of arguing between the two little people on my shoulders to get me motivated to do a lot of stuff. I am doing really well with my P90 though my angel seems to be winning those arguments with out much of a fight (for now). I also have seasonal depression and my sloth monster rears it's ugly head more often when the temperature drops. Hopefully it will go into hiding soon now that it's starting to get nice.

Envy~ I don't necessarily want other peoples lives, clothes, homes, etc I just get jealous because I want to be able to do those things in my own way. If that makes sense? I often find myself reading magazines such as US Weekly, The Nest, The Knot, and such and having envy towards the flexibility others have in their lives. Sigh. Someday I will have that I know I will. *be optimistic*

Wrath~ Guilty! I'm usually a pretty easy going person but I do find myself having spurts of anger every now and again. Most often when I am tired. I can get upset with Peyton when she fights sleep because I myself am so exhausted and can see how tired she is. Almost immediately after my anger spurts I feel remorse and end up apologising and or acting like nothing happened to avoid confrontation.

Pride~ This is an obvious. I'm a Leo for goodness sake. I also have a blog about my life that I think is so fascinating that people will actually care to read about it. That must take some sort of pride right?

Lust~ Sometimes I lust for Brad Pitt. I definitely lusted for Jake Gyllenhaal when I saw his fantastically fantastic booty in Love and Other Drugs . Alexander SkarsgÄrd anyone? Lusty lusty!

Greed~ I think I suffer least from this one. I don't think I'm uber greedy about material things. I like to share and if I won the lottery I would split it between those who I care most about who have helped me get where I am today. I can however be greedy when it comes to certain things esp. my baby. I don't want a job because I don't want anyone else raising her or spending more time with her than me. She grows so freaking fast and I don't want to miss even a second of that.

So there you have it. Get me one first class ticket on the train to the Under World please! Anyone else suffering? Let me know that I'm not alone here!

By the way all those photos are via

She takes an interesting approach to the sins and has a ton of other really cool pictures check it out!

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Deanna said...

i loved this post! i'm glad you posted the picture source, because i kept looking at them wondering where they were from.

AmyLee said...

wow, i hear ya on so many of these {ummm, all of them}. i totally get ya on the envy part. i don't want someone else's life or anything, i just want a few of theirs in my own!! ha.

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