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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To continue our perfectly perfect day yesterday daddy came home yay!

We went on another, much shorter, walk.

Then after baby went to bed my mom kept an eye on her so Mikey and I could have a little date night.
We went to Top Golf which is a driving range type thing but also a game similar to bowling. I don't know it's hard to explain so visit the site if your interested! We love Top Golf. I'm awful at golfing but it's still a great time.

We had a few drinks and I got a tomato cucumber salad yummm

And I kicked Mikey's butt both times NBD

Golfing attire~

Shirt~ Syms

Cardi~ Old Navy

Shorts (yes shorts because it was that warm out) H&M

Shoes~ Wet Seal

How wonderful!

Today is Trendy Tuesday but seeing as this is what I look like today

I think we will be skipping this week. I dont foresee myself putting anything remotely trendy on today

Happy Tuesday

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Kelly said...

Yay for beer and date night and walks with babies. :)

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