3 Perfectly Perfect Day

Monday, April 4, 2011

Today is the definition of perfect. Like really.

It is currently 77 and sunny.
Flowers are blooming all over the place.
SPRING ahhhhhh

So far today P and I went to the store with my mom again to get food for a party she is doing on Thursday. Then we made a much needed pit stop at Starbucks. Im pretty sure Tony wouldn't approve of that but I got a skinny caramel macchiato and it has been almost an entire week since I last had one.

We came home and ran around the yard while I snapped some shots of the blooming flowers. I especially like the cherry blossom trees in our front yard. B-E-A-U-TIFUL

Then P and I went on a fairly long walk around the hood

Well I walked she rode her trike

When we got back she made me sit her in her stroller so she could eat lunch

Now she is down for her nap and I am blogging in my rocking chair on the front porch after giving myself a little mani pedi

Like I said ... perfect!

All that is missing is daddy but he will be home around 5 and I have no doubt it will still be beautiful out. I'm sure will will think of something to do that will add to the perfection of today!

Hope you all are having an amazing Monday!

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

i.am.so.jealous. seriously. its barely 50 degrees and rainy rainy rainy. I can't wait till D can wear shorts and we can go outside and play. Right now, i can officially say, i miss NoVA!

also, love the nailpolish. LOVE O.P.I. and i LOVE that color.

allie said...

awesome day, great pictures! i love her sunglasses so much too. btw got your email about the shoes and that sounds so fun, i'm getting tons of ideas. i will email you back soon!

The Peanut Gallery said...

Jess come back and visit! Dont be too sad Im sure it will get warm there soon!

Allie ah im soo excited! like really I know she will love them and I know they will be awesome!

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