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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Before I get to tonights post let me first apologize for being total blogger MIA this past week. I dunno what's gotten into me. I actually leave my computer upstairs all day... weird I know. I shall try to fix this asap!

Ok moving on

I thought Id just post a few pictures of what I'v been eating these past few weeks in case anyone cares. Jess over at IROCKSOWHAT has a food diary which is always an inspiration and since iv been taking pictures of what im eating anyway I thought why not share. Because, well, that's what I do.

Homemade salsa. I seriously use this on everything. I put it on sandwiches, bake sweet potato chips to dip in it, and this particular example I made a simple dressing and made a salad. 
If your interested the dressing was something along the lines of:

3 tbs olive oil
Fresh squeezed lime juice
Cayenne peper to taste

Out to lunch: Tomato basil mozzarella with bal. vinaigrette. 

Homemade version

Homemade eggs salad 
Homemade salsa
sauteed mushrooms in worchestire sauce 
( I substitute greek yogurt in for the mayo in the egg salad and it's like 1/8 the calories and tastes just as good if not better)

edamame and soy sauce awesome snack
I just bought the kind that comes frozen and I trow it in a pan with a few spoons full of water salt and pepper and it takes like 5 min. 

nothing says summer like watermelon 

 I talked about this recipe before and I seriously love it it's so easy to make and I usually have extra homemade salsa laying around so I just trow in whatever I have handy 

Pita chips and hummus. I think Ill try to make my own next week should be easy enough 

One of the best things about making everything from scratch I make a ton of it and then have leftovers all week as an easy already made homemade meal! 

and the absolute best part is that Pey loves it! She is an edamame monster! She was cowing down on tomato and mozzarella the other day. She even likes my salsa! We are finding new and healthy things for her to eat and it's making me feel like a better mom. 

Some other things I made that I didn't picture document:

Sweet potato chips

Chicken salad (again using greek yogurt instead of mayo)

Cliff Bars

Black bean salad (I havent made this one yet but bought the supplies ... tomorrow perhaps?)

And there you have it what I have been eating the past few weeks! Ill keep posting about it every so often if you guys are interested!

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Sarbear said...

Your food looks great! So many awesome veggies and freshness. Mmm.

Bevin @ allisbright.com said...

MMM. This all looks so good! Thanks for the inspiration.

Joy said...

mmm looks great! :)

renee kristine said...

sooo hungry now! looks good, get it, grrrl!

Miranda said...

I am officially craving watermelon!!

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