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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I was tweeting away like usg when a Mod Cloth tweet popped up. Like I do every time I opened it up and like I do every time I die. 
This time I showed my mom this a-freakin-dorable little number and she was like 'wow that is cute' and I was all 'I know wanna buy it for me?' and she was all 'sure it can be your birthday present (in August) and then Im all 'but things on this site go fast and then you never know when they get back in stock' and then she said the most glorious thing ever 'just get it now' 
With out any hesitation I threw that puppy in my shopping cart and just like that I am now awaiting the arrival of this beauty on my door step 


I will die happy 

PS having Mod Cloth on my twitter will prove to be very dangerous I just know it. 

only thing that will make this moment perfect? your vote! 

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Sarbear said...

oh you lucky duck! That dress is adorable to the max. Can't wait to see your stylin' pictures when it arrives on your doorstep.

Joy said...

oh i'm so jealous! my mom does stuff like that every once in a while... but never such pretty dresses!! oh i'm jealous! DEF take pictures when youg et it in!!

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