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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Than a sleeping baby

I had a mom break and my mom and I went to go get some flowers for the backyard 

New favorite flowers.. I dont know what they are but how cool are they?

Then we went to Starbucks because that's what I do 

I asked my mom to take a picture of me and this is what I got... Thanks mom 

 It's kinda cool out today which stinks but tomorrow is supposed to be 88 and sunny so we are going to get in swim suits and clean the deck and plant some flowers. I know P will have a ball with the hose. I think Jeremy and P and I might go Hiking in the AM too which Im excited about... maybe I can convince Mikey to come along... annnnnd laugh.

I sure do love long summer weekends!  Wait? It's summer?!?! When did that happen? I don't know but I'm happy it did!

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Joy said...

oh those flowers are so beautiful!! i love it! and you still look gorgeous in that photo haha :)

glad your day is going well... my baby won't nap though so so far it's a little whiny... ahha

Dakota and Sara said...

I am officially in love with your blog. And those flowers are AMAZING! I want some.

AmyLee said...

there really is nothing better than a sleeping baby. pretty much NOTHING.

The Peanut Gallery said...

Joy~ no baby nap days are the WORST I neeed nap time!

Sara~ glad you like it and that you stopped by!


Ashley said...

Summer hasn't even started yet! :D

June 21st is the first official day of summer. The later it starts the long it will last <3

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