0 And Then I Put on Love Weight: Rehoboth Part 1

Monday, June 13, 2011

Good golly Miss Molly I am tuckered out! Mikey called me from work today telling me he threw up and was coming home so Iv been single momma today taking care of two babies. And we didn't get home till 1 am this morning. Can we say tired? :: in perfect harmony:: "tttiirrredd" thank you.

I really want to post about my weekend though so let me vomit a few words and pictures for you real quick before I fall asleep at the key board.

Crossing over the Bay Bridge at night

We got in late Friday night and P went right from car to bed. Some of our friends came over and we had a few drinks and some good times in the garage.

Danny is a huge fan of The Peanut Gallery so he wanted me to make sure that he made it on a post. Hi Danny ;) He is such a good blog model. 

and then they tried to pose real tough like... it only took about 102983183 takes of them cracking up 

My Leigh love. We look pretty. 

And then we talked about how we have all gained love wight. Only I had a baby so hello actual excuse. (2 years ago... details details) 

back off ladies these studs are taken. 

It was a pretty great night I love catching up with these fools.

Ill be back tomorrow with part two and some really to die worthy pictures of my beach baby.

Happy Monday friends!

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