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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh HAII. I didn't blog yesterday on the counta I was momma to two munchkins while watching my baby nephew for my sisters anniversary. It wasn't hard but I don't have it that down pact to squeeze in bloggin time!
Anywho I have a few fun and exciting (for me at least) things to blog about today so check back in though out the day hopefully Ill have three posts up by the end of it all!


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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

haha i know how that goes! back in september, D was 15 months old and i started to watch my niece who was a newborn all day a few days a week while my sis in law had to go back to work to get her benefits (just for a mnth or so) but i definitely knew what it was going to be like if i ever had 2 kids close to each other! which changed my mind about having kids that close. haha.

your nephew is so dang cute and it makes me want a baby right now!!

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