3 23 Months WHATT?!?!?!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The first of my exciting posts today starts with a little HAPPY 23 MONTHS BABY GIRL!!!!!!! I seriously can not believe my little peanut will be celebrating two years of life in one short month! ::InShock:: when did she get so big?

First trip to the dentist yeasterday. She was a rock star. 

Here are just a few fun facts about my  little  BIG 23 month old.

She is a parrot. She will repeat everything I say even if it seems really complicated and she has no idea what it means and it's really pretty clear. 

She is a fire cracker. Not kidding you this kid has more energy than anyone I have ever met. She is non stop from 7am to 9pm with a 3 hour nap in between to refuel. (although she is refusing to take one right now even though she is beyond exhaustion and it's driving me NUTS!)

Oh yeah. SHE DRIVES ME NUTS! I love the little booger but terrible twos? It's here and it's been here for a while. Tantrums, refusal to listen, sneaking outside when I clearly said No, mmhumm that kinda stuff. 

Her favorite foods:
Any and all fruit

She LOVES the outdoors. The first thing she says to me at 7 in the morning is 'Momma inna go ousiiide'   ah no. 

She is currently working on potty training and doing alright. I know shell get it before long because well she is seriously SO smart. I know everyone thinks that about their kids but really she is. 

She knows every lyric to Laurie Berkner's greatest hits. It kills me every.time. 

She is a dancing machine. Im going to enroll her into ballet in the fall. This kid has serious rhythm. 

I know Iv mentioned it a million times before but she LOVES shoes and always has. 

new shoes from the Griffins :) did I mention she is spoiled?

She knows about 1092382938 words. Ok I dont really know how many but I feel its well over 200 or more and she learns at least one new one a day. 

She is the lovingist snuggliest cuddliest little girls I know. She LOVES to cuddle and hug and kiss and I eat up every moment of it. 

 Today Kristen and I took her to the park and it has a splash zone. It was good fun 

Now that my little is turing two in one month it is time for party planning. I bought paper to make her invites today and I have been pinning some things on my Pinterest  board to get some ideas and inspiration. Its going to be a vintage tea party. Yay!

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Sarbear said...

She's adorable. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for her party. Party planning is so much fun.

Ashley said...

Aaaaaadorable! I love how I can perfect hear her cute little whine to go out and play outside just by how you typed it, lol!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

so D has those sandles that have lots of pastel colors.. but her feet are too fat : ( its so sad... and i kno wi asked you if you were doing a party- now i see! how cute! i was thinking about doing a tea party theme awhile back but i dont even think we're oging to have a big party for her this year (so many stinkin cousins here to do a big party.. so lame!)

and i was wondering how you're doing potty training with her? we got her a potty but now all she wants to do is play with it.. right when we got it all she wanted to do was sit on it, so i thought we were lucky, not so much anymore! haha/

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