2 Rehoboth Beach Part 2

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well here is is... finally 

Part 1 if you missed it

Saturday wasn't the best beach weather but it was still warm enough to get in the water just a little foggy. P was terrified of it at first like clinging on to Mikey for dear life terrified. Eventually he got her to love it though and she didn't ever want to leave. She also LOVEd the sand. She was literally rolling around in it. Eating it too... she kept saying 'mmmm yummy in my tummy'...crunch crunch crunch.

our dear friend Leigh came with us. <3

what did I tell you? Literally rolling in the sand... she is so weird. 

Next we ate our weight in junk food. Louis Pizza & Kohr Bros Ice Cream... sadly we didn't have Thrashers fries but no worries Im going back next week and I WILL eat them. 

After food we stopped by Funland and P had a BALST she cried after every single ride was over. Taking her away broke my heart. 

tea cups 

Wiped out 

Sunday morning P and I went back to the Avenue and had breakfast and did a little shopping then we met up with Leigh for lunch at Arenas 

Areans chicken salad club. best. sandwich. ever. 

annnd out again

Mikey got a new tattoo for P. He doesnt like to talk about the meaning of his tattoos very much but since Im not him Ill give you a little explanation. 
Sugar Skull: represents death meaning Mikey was dead before he had P
Butterfly wings: new life and a new begining
7's on the wings: P was born on 7 7 09 
and there ye have it

Then we went back to Mikeys parents house and had a grad party for his sister Samantha who we are so proud of! 

Cousins at play. 

riding the scooter with Rachel 

It was a jolly good time. Like I said before I will be headed back to the beach next Wednesday. This time it will be my mom my sister P and my nephew and we are staying at our dear friends the Angus' house. Eeeeep Im really excited for our girls vaca!

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

p's swimsuit is so cute on her!

Sarbear said...

Adorable little lady. Those rides look like a good time. :)

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