5 Confession of a Blogaholic

Friday, July 22, 2011

Its been  long time since Iv done a confession so here it goes.

I don't think I like dogs..... DONT UNFOLLOW ME!!!

I dont not like dogs I just think know I'm a cat person. 

I try and try and try to love all dogs big and small because people say if you don't like dogs you must be the devil... people say that right?

so I try I really really do... but sometimes I just can't.

and it's not all dogs. I love my sisters dog (both her new and old one) I love Mikeys dog. I love my BFF Katies dog and I like/can handle most smaller dogs. 

I think it has a lot to do with slobber. I HATE saliva like with a passion. Dog saliva? no thank you. Blah it makes me what to vomit when they lick me. Also when they get all up in my business Im not such a fan. I think they can sometimes tell Im not a dog person so they try to get all nice and up there. 

Please don't think Im a bad person Im not... Im just not a dog person! But they are mighty cute from a distance!

Ok now your turn go confess something so I don't feel like the worst person ever! 

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Luisa Rodríguez said...

I don't like dogs that much either and I'm definitely a cat person! Definitely. I could NEVER wake up earlier than usual to walk a dog..
Have you noticed how dogs walk in front of their owners? And these ppl even pick up their dog's poop? It really makes me wonder who's in charge there..

Alaythea said...

I'm the same way, I like other people's dogs for the most part but you couldn't pay me to own one. I love my cats and that's that!

Nicole said...

So you don't want this puppy I got you then? Ha ha!

Seriously, you have the right to like or not like anything you want.

I don't want a pet snake... I like snakes (I guess) and I will look at them and appreciate them. But I don't want them on me. Maybe I'll hold one, but I won't like it.

Then again, snakes are not fuzzy and playful like puppies, but you know.

The Peanut Gallery said...

Luisa ~ whenever I had to dog sit I used to pretend to pick it up but never did.. im not tochin that shit (literally)

Nicole & Alaythea~i agree about the whole if they are someone elses they are fine but I personally dont want one

Nicole ~ poppies are a different story if they stayed puppies forever send me a billion its just the whole dog thing

Audrey Sayle said...

I haaaaaaate dogs! ...lovingly. I'm insanely obsessed about animals and animals rights and animal well-being, but seriously... they roll in poop. Do I want to cuddle with one?? No not really. Now CATS on the other hand- those soft little fastidious creatures that you can almost always count on smelling like vanilla and keeping their fur clean- can I have one in my bed every night please??? Thanks.

So no, you're not the devil. You're just my kinda gal :)

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