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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ok guys I need your help/advice. I know most kids go through picky phases when it comes to eating but it sure makes it hard to be sure your toddler is getting the proper nourishment they need. Peyton has been super picky lately and I need some advice from other parents who have had this issue and found things their kids enjoy that pack on the essentials.

Peyton LOVES tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, purple tomatoes, vine tomatoes. If it is a tomato she will eat it. It's weird.

She likes carrots and potatoes (not really a veggie but whatevs) She loves edamame, corn and sometimes she will eat peas not usually.

She like raisins, dried cranberries, pretty much all dried fruits. She also loves all regular fruits. Esp blueberries, strawberries, melon, apple, and kiwi.

She loves pizza and hot dogs

She loves breakfast foods like sausage, pancakes, eggs (but only if Mikey or my dad is eating them)

Peyton hates meat, mac n cheese, all cheese unless it is in string form

Ok so after writing it out like this I realize she doesnt seem that picky but I think it's mostly the meat thing. She wont eat meat unless its hot dog or sausage which is like the healthiest of all meats right?! false. Also not so great on the veggie thing.

So I guess im asking what you all feed your picky eaters. How do you incorporate protein? What are some recipes that are no fails and pack full of nutrients? Help!

Ps lunch today

Tomatoes (she ate them all)

Cucumbers (she had a few bites)

Ham and cheese rolls (she had none... I thought by wrapping them all fancy they would appeal to her more... false) 

Dried oranges (she had 2) 

Thanks guys! 

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

Dulany LOVES hotdogs too.. so now i go and get the Jennie-O turkey dogs, She loves them just the same so i figure those are healthier then regular hotdogs. but still, not like chicken or anything.

she has been starting to eat chicken more. We get the dino nuggets (i know, not super healthy but its better than nothing i suppose) and then i started baking chicken and then if she can dip it in ranch, she'll eat it right up (out west, ranch on everything is popular, i was so weirded out.. like they love it on pizza and everything). I dont know if you've tried just marinating chicken and cooking it and giving it to her or not, but it will help with D eating it.

Alaythea said...

Gianna is pretty picky - mainly because she won't try stuff. Usually if I make her try it she likes it but only wants a bite. She isn't a veggie fan at all even if I serve them raw with dressing. I can get her to eat broccoli if I make this certain "stir fry" version with chicken and rice. She'll eat corn, loves corn. And she will eat green beans if they are drowned in ketchup! She loves chicken and steak and hot dogs. Not a fan (currently) of sausage or bacon although she used to love it. She likes cheap frozen mac n cheese and chicken nuggets from McD's. She isn't big on breakfast but she'll eat a few bites of cereal, or flavored oatmeal and she loves whole wheat waffles! She isn't a big eater at all and to be honest, I don't worry about it. I don't let her fill up on junk or candy by any means but if she doesn't want to eat that's fine with me. She knows when she's hungry!

Allie said...

Can Peyton eat dairy? Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt has a lot of protein. Also, beans and hummus. Not liking meat isn't a terrible thing so long as she's eating enough protein.

The Peanut Gallery said...

Jess - I forgot to say she does eat the occasional nugget. We havent tried ranch but thats a good suggestion. Also Mikey pus ranch on pizza too i thought it was so weird but its pretty good!

Alaythea - I try not to worry too much either bc like you said if she is hungry she will eat but I just want to make sure that shes getting a full range of nutrients

Allie - She does eat yogurt. Its either she eats the whole thing or has one bite and throughs it away. Iv bought greek for cooking purposes but never thought to give it to her. She eats yo toddler.
She also love hummus and I try to get as much beans in as I can for protein but sometimes I feel like its not enough

thank you guys for the advice/support!! I love it all!

Ashley said...

My bosses give their kids pediasure. It's supposed to supplement and really good for them. Also I've noticed a lot that if I cut up Garrett's meat into bite size pieces he is more inclined to eat it. He is almost 3, also I don't let him up from the table until he has a few bites at least. He would rather eat junk or just the sides so sometimes I'll give him the main food first until he has some. Sometimes they don't like it and sometimes they are pushing limits.

Ashley said...

Also they make like raviolis with hidden veggies or you can do it yourself that works for me too. and I think their is like v8 fruit juice with hidden veggies

Corri Beth said...

Check out the book Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. It has great ideas on how to hide good for you stuff in the stuff kids like to eat. :)
Our doctor also told us don't stress too much about the pickyness (Is that a word?) They may not eat a "balanced diet" in one day, but they will usually round out over the course of a week or so. I have a VERY picky eater. I also give him the Apple and Eve fruitables juice boxes, bc they have veggie juice in them, too, Coming up with cool names for stuff helps, too. I couldn't get him to eat pizza (I know, healthy, but hey, sometimes you just want pizza), but he liked cheese sticks. So I just cut his pizza into strips and told him it was cheese sticks. He gobbled it up. When trying to get him to eat meatloaf, I told him it was meatcake. Pork chops were pork chicken (because he likes chicken) - actually almost any kind of meat there for a while was called some kind of chicken...Anyway, you get the idea. Hope this makes you feel a little better. :)

allie said...

I need help with this too! Sometimes I seriously worry about Henry and the little amount of protein he gets. He seems to just be getting pickier too, no fun. I'm excited to read the comments this post gets, hopefully I can find some helpful advice because whoa. kid? you gotta eat! loved your answers on hi, baby today!

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