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Friday, July 29, 2011

I went with my mom to Starbucks tonight and the nice man behind the counter told me I looked like a taller and toner (which Im pretty sure was his nice way of saying fatter) Megan Fox. I'v actually been told that a few times in my life and although I don't see it at all I decided to have a little fun with it tonight.

Mikey is working late so I put the bebe to bed busted out the make up and straightener and gave myself a little make over. I also happened to have been listening to Spice Girls radio on Pandora. Best.station.ever.

I think I look like a fool but it was such a much needed break from reality and a flash back on the good ol 90's.

she's always making these 'sexy' lips that I tried 10238120938 and looks like an idiot every single time... See above 

I was going to reenact this one but then id have to kill you. 

So my conclusion: 
Other than our eyes and hair color and the fact that we are both really really ridiculously good looking we look nothing alike. 

This is fine because I like being me 

Either way thank you Starbucks boy for the grand compliment and the inspiration for a relaxing and mind freeing night. 

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Omg. I never knew my husband liked her until the other night, he wanted to watch a movie with her in it... and get this... asked for my permission. I was like "I never knew she was an issue." Then he tried playing it off like he didn't think she was attractive. He said her skin is too shiny. Whatevrrrr.

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

hahaa.... to above - have you seen her thumbs? Yikes!!!!

but ashley you crack me up!!! haha especially the underwear picture (note, her bellybutton freaks me out in it!)

people say i look like rachel bilson andi see it somewhat, but not really.

Shannon said...

Just found your blog. Kind of a fan so far.

And I think you are prettier than Megan Fox. She kind of looks like a porn star. You have the looks but not the trash associated with it.

jessi ♥ said...

Haha you're awesome!! I agree with Shannon, you're prettier than Megan Fox. She does look like a porn star!

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