3 Not so terrible twos?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Currently knocking on wood as I type and jinxing myself simultaneously. So ever since P turned two like as in the day of her second birthday she has been freaking awesome. That probably sounds so dumb like that one day really makes a difference but it did. She is a person now all of a sudden. Ask anyone who is around her on the daily and they will tell you she just seems so, i dont know, grown up. It's weird. It's great, but weird.

She is an amazing help with the little girl im watching and her cousin. She gives kisses and holds hands and is so sweet and kind.

When she was younger she was always the perfect restaurant baby then around 1 1/2 she hit her early terrible twos and was pretty bad, then all of a sudden now she is perfect again. Mikey and I went to dinner the other night late around 8 and she was seriously the most perfect child ever. She ate all her food, she laughed and made us laugh, she was patient even when our server was the slowest person ever. Good gawd this kid is ridiculous.

Then yesterday we spent the day at the pool at my Aunts house. She had a swimsuit with a tire built it. She just randomly got brave and stepped right off the last step and floated all by herself. She told me to 'shoo momma shoo' She even got mouths full of water and just spit it out. She wasn't afraid to get her face wet. Proud momma.

My little bittle is getting so big! Bitter sweet but mostly sweet. I know a lot of people have terrible 3's and even 4' and maybe that's how it will be for us but as of right now the 2's? pretty great.

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Alaythea said...

I agree, two's were great for us! 3 was a little more iffy, she started fighting for her independence and pushing us more. 4 is mainly just her not listening, I feel like I have to repeat everything over and over again. But for the most part Gianna is a really good girl!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

2s are a joke. it's the 3.5-4 that you really have to worry about. but it seems like something clicked in gage's head the day he turned 4, because he has been AMAZING this past week. ::knock on wood::

Corri Beth said...

Yeah, we have never had a problem with 2s either...it was the 3s. *shudder* Troy turned 4 last month and I think is gradually getting better! :D

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