2 TMI Update

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Remember this post? or this one? Well I went on Friday and had it drained. My Dr. said I didn't have to watch and I told her I wanted to. She laughed and said I should have gone to med school. If only...

Any way TMI alert but she numbed me then sliced it open and all this blood and puss came pouring out. It was great and disgusting and hurt like a mother f-er even numbed. She put me on antibiotics and I have to go back tomorrow morning for her to re cut and push more goodies out. Yippie! But it's much smaller now.

hopefully after tomorrow she will get all the extra stuff out and I can be done with this nonsense. Im really very over it.

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Sarbear said...

Whew! Hope it's healed up soon. I woulda had to watch too.

Audrey Sayle said...

WOAH. So I just read through the whole TMI adventure~ damn! I hope it clears up and goes away.. though I understand how gross-ily satisfying it would be to have it drained once or twice.

And I gotta say, who knew weirdo growths on your stomach could make such good blog posts!!

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