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Monday, August 15, 2011

the world was made a better place as i made my way through the birth canal. Happy 23 birthday to me! I celebrated on Saturday by going to a lovely dinner date to one of my favorite little French cafes with Mikey and then grabbed some drinks (about 10 too many) at the 4 P's with muh franns. It was pretty fun although I paid dearly yesterday :-/. So far today I went to a Dr. apt. for my FINAL check up on my TMI stomach cyst. Its healing up and I go back to the general surgeon in 3 weeks and hopefully he wont have to surgically remove it. Anyway then I went to Starbucks and got some lunch with my friend Pam and her handsome little baby boy (and my leech Peyton of course) I also got my drink for free bc my favorite SB guy bought it for me! Winning!
I'm going to a fabulous Mexican  restaurant for a FEW drinks with my sister and BFF and maybe a few other ladies tonight around 7. So id say I think this day is turning out to be pretty low key and pretty great! Thanks for everyone that wished me a happy birthday on facebook, twitter, through cards, on phone and in person I love you all! (Aunt Connie I got your card THANK YOU! I'm so glad you read the blog and keep up with P and I. We love you and miss you!!!)

Dress, necklace, belt, and clutch ~ Francesca's Collections 

Shoes ~ Macys

Headband ~ Kristens 

PS Ill be back in full swing this week everything went really well last week thanks for all the love and support. I have 2 fabulous guest posts lined up as well as a ton of pictures and updating to do! Missed you all!


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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

happy birthday! you are one of the coolest things to ever come out of a vagina.

MJ said...

happy birthday. hope you are totally spoiled!!

Sarbear said...

oh fancy! Happy birthday lady!

Allie said...

Happy Birthday, Ashley!! You look beautiful.

Eva said...

happy birthday!
love the lace detail on the dress :D


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