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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Todays lovely guest poster is the mastermind behind I Fight for the Phoque. Like i'v said maybe 10983901283 times her brutal honesty and openness about sexuality is one of the main reasons I love visiting stalking her blog. Girl has no shame and she's not afraid to tell it like it is. Her guest post is no different. So sit back relax and enjoy as she dives into a controversial and rarely talked about subject... circumcision...

Every girls night out and after the first glass of wine, the classic question always finds its way to the table. The topic has shifted to love, relationships, and that all time favourite, sex, when someone puts her hands on the table and says “circumcised or uncircumcised?” The answer is almost always unanimous in support of the former, but, honestly, most American women, myself included before coming to France, had never even met the later. Why so much hostility for the unknown? I admit I was one of the strongest anti-uncut advocates at the table, but I'd have to be honest: I all ready found the penis quite horrendous to behold, so who was to say it was capable of being worse?

My only exposure to the dreaded au natural before coming to France was some frightening looking drawings in an everything-you-need-to-know-about-sex book written and illustrated in the 80’s. They were scary, droopy things that looked like long hanging socks, and my friends and I were fairly convinced we wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with them; nor could we really fathom how the dang things even worked.

Welp, I have been to the other side,(only 14% of the men in France are circumcised) and I have, after several months and several sizes, shapes and temperaments, tamed the turtle-necked beast.

I find them rather agreeable, actually. The little sheath is actually kind of a protective cover for the upper sensitive tip. If pulled down, the penis looks exactly like its supposed to- but it has a magic trick. Once, I was lying in bed with TMI, and, pretty much like always, he had an erection. We weren't planning on doing anything about it this particular instance, so, while I happened to be watching, TMI reached down, and, casually and careless grabbed hold of the skin on his penis and yanked it up to cover the tip. I gasped. “Doesn’t that hurt?!”

He didn’t even realise he had done it as it was apparently second nature. Wow! They can actually put the things away when they're not in use. Something about that is just a little too practical and.. cleanly for me to not be in support of. Lets be honest: the penis is hardly something enjoyable to look at,(unless you’re a man, as they undoubtedly find them magnificent,) and the sheath sort of hides it; covers up the blunt details. This pleases me!

It's really rather amazing how circumcision has become the norm to such an extant that many women of my and even the generation before have never even run into the the natural version. What do you think? Is it really fair that the uncut get the short end of stick?


Thanks so so much Audrey! Don't forget to stop by her space on the webz and show her your love! 

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Alaythea said...

Ok, since we're being brutally honest here about penis' and sex I'll come right out and say this - you find the penis hideous to look at it? Guess you've never seen a good one then! Lol! I don't know, I guess when you look at it as nothing but an object of pleasure then you might see it differently. I guess it's different when you are truly in love with your life partner. Personally I'm not in favor of being uncircumcised. It's not nearly as sanitary and it looks weird! But that's just my honest opinion!

Audrey Sayle said...

Alaythea - can I just say that I'm obsessed with your name???!! If I ever have a daughter she's totally being named after you.. might be tough in France though since the French can't make the "th" sound :/

Really??? I think a guy is attractive down to his whitey tighties, but as soon as they come off I usually want to avert my eyes. I have always found penises floppy and ridiculous and certainly NOT sexy!!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i totally agree about penises looking funny. i've always thought so. i mean, there is a huge chunk of dangling skin in between their legs, and when it's not erect...it just looks....sad.

my husband is circumcised, but neither of our boys are. there is ABSOLUTELY no medical reason to do so. so why would you intentionally mutilate your child? i just don't get it. it's something i feel really strongly about, but i don't usually speak up on it, because i generally avoid confrontation at all costs.

when i was pregnant with our first son, my husband wanted to have him circumcised, just because he is. but i showed him a video of a baby circumcision, and he was left in tears.

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