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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I feel like there has been soooOOOooOOOo much i have wanted to post about and not that I actually found a minute I can;t think of anything! Go figure. I have been slacking on the postage this week because, well #1 i have this major head ache I just can't shake so come 9 o clock I hit the hay with muh babe. #2 Peyton hasn't napped in 2 days, not on her own accord but bc people/noises have woken her up as soon as she falls asleep. MOMZILLA comes out when this happens! I need nap time as much as she does then she turns into grumpzilla not a good combo. Any who I will leave you with some links I be lovin this week while I try to remember what it was I so wanted to blog about!

My BFFs little sister and her friends dressed up for the HP premiere and got on Perez! she's such a little celebutaunt I'm so proud!

I loooOOooove mango salsa it's so fresh and perfect for summer. I want to try this recipe!

This website is GREAT. I need one!

This article 1. it's written by a young girl and 2. I hope P thinks like her some day such a little inspiration!

Amy's diet philosophy bc her post baby bod is rockin and her advice should be followed

This article bc hello Harry Potter, and she makes some really great points. It's deep.

This blog. If this a-freakin-dorable momma doesn't give you baby fever IDK what will!

This blog. This momma is preggo with twin gals and still witty at 29 weeks!

I want to see this movie. And I think a much deserved date night is in the cards.. best part Mikey really wants to see it too

mmk i think that's it for now until next time muh franns <3

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