2 Shark Week: Day 3

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Missed yesterday Mikey came home from Del. we were bonding family style so sorry! today I have 2 shark facts for you and I have a surprise I'll be working on during nap time!

Fact #1
 Blue sharks are among the most threatened species of sharks in the world. Trade in shark fins and overfishing have caused them to decline so rapidly that scientists worry about their future recovery. 

Reason #13098301 you should go sign the no shark finning pledge

Fact #2
It takes a lot of work to maintain a gene pool: Some female sharks use sperm from multiple males to father a single litter. That makes her pups half-siblings, even though they're born at the same time.

what hoocies!

Also.... stumbled upon this today and was lieterally sick to my stomach to see how many resturaunts in VA alone serve shark fin soup! And SO many are with in a 10 mile radius of me! How do you deal with that? Read this article and when you get to the bottom read the 'Take Action' section.... I'm planing on getting some brochures to hand out or mail to these places and you should too!

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Shannon said...

ugh - i'm petrified of sharks, but that doesn't mean i feel utterly awful when i see human interaction hurt them.

i watched a shark week program yesterday where it said that the only sharks that actually hunt humans are those who are trained that humans carry food. so basically, we are making sharks attack us. fab. :(

Kristina said...

Tonight's episode on the attacks in 1957 in South Africa was crazy!!!!

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