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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sooooo remember how I had some doubts that this weekend would be anything but lame and uneventful. Wrong-o! I think from now on I will set weekends up in my minds to be lacking of the excitement and then they will almost always pleasantly surprise me.

Friday was a bad day. I was too tired, I had three babies all day, and bad news kept coming in all directions. Then after babies 1&2 left and my parents went out for drinks and Mikey left for Del. it was just me and my bebe. We snuggled on the couch with a Hershey bar (or 2) and watched Finding Nemo. It was soooo needed. Then I got a migraine and took my baby up to bed with me for an early bed time and some quality co sleeping. :D happy momma.

Saturday I spent some time bonding with my family listening to Jimmy Buffett and kickin it on the back deck. My mom and I went to home depot for a mister. People with toddlers INVEST IN ONE NOW. $7 for hours of entertainment. Winning! Then my friend Kristen came over so that I could help her get ready for The Leg Warmers concert. They are and 80's cover band that play regularly at the local State Theater. People always get full on decked out to go so I did her hair and helped her pick out an outfit. And then she convinced me to take her extra ticket. It was SO MUCH FUN. Iv always been a fan of the 80's in fact if I had to pick a decade to be a teenager it it would certainly be the 80's for their fabulous wardrobe choices and amazing music. Anywho we met up with a few other people and headed over to rock out. And did we. Im pretty sure we had the most fun of anyone there and Iv never danced so hard in my life. I was cuttin footloose.... but like actually.

Sunday Kristen and I rolled out of bed with our teased hair still a teasin and decided to take in the local sites of good ol Washington D.C. We packed up the babe and headed to the metro. It only took us about 1283820318 hours to actually get downtown with all our pit stops prior and then our merto car didnt have AC not ok metro you hear me NO OK! BUT we made it. We went to the Natural History Museum and P saw dinosaurs, whales, prehistoric creatures of all kinds and we even made it in time for the insect lady to be passing around creepy crawlies. Kristen held the most gigantic grasshopper I have ever seen. It was grand. Next we went and rode the carousel 2ce because tears they were a pourin. I would have loved to have ridden it all day with her but at $7 a pop I could only afford the 2. Robbin me blind DC!

then my phone died but ill have Kris send me some carousel pictures! 

So like I said, pretty great weekend. Oh and P slept with me every night. I'm gonna miss that little cuddle bug... I may kick Mikey to the curb. 

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Shannon said...

That's a pretty rad weekend. We have a 90's cover band here in Buffalo that I kind of love.

90's music is my jam. Can you believe the 90's were decades ago!?

Now I want to go watch Finding Nemo.

Love, Chelsea said...

This looks too fun, love the 80's hair!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

Love love LOVE the 80s!!!!!!
and that pic of Kristin in the mirror looks like it is so out of an 80s movie!
jealous that you have DC to go play in. Everything is so expensive (all the children's museum, the zoo, everything. its ridiculous!)

Audrey Sayle said...

oh my god ALL MY LIFE I've wanted to go to a dinosaur museum!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen the bones like that and I seriously day dream about the experience regularly. so jealous. SO. JEALOUS.

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