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Monday, August 1, 2011

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Any who enough about me lets get to know these awesome ladies a little better 

This blog is so my guilty pleasure. Take one young woman, a one way plane ticket, a small town in France, and lots and lots of mind blowing sex that makes even the most sensual person blush and you have I Fight for the Phoque. IFFTP is written anonymously by the fabulous Audrey (pen name) which I think makes it that much better. I love wondering over there and reading about her European adventure in love and life. You should go there too. now. I promise you won't be disappointed! 


In Audrey's words

In February of 2011 I decided to break up with my longtime boyfriend, have my beloved cats adopted, sell all of my stuff, abandon my apartment, kiss friends and family goodbye, and buy a one way ticket to a random town in the middle of France where I would know no one and speak none of the native but-oh-so-lovely tongue, French. 

I Fight for the Phoque follows my day to day struggle on the hunt for language comprehension, employment, new friends, good sex, good food, and with a little luck, a bit of wisdom here and there about life, love, and growing up.

All Gussied Up is a blog about a young fashion entrepreneur who I happen to have gone to school with. Amanda and I both majored in fashion design and merchandising at WVU and we graduated together last year. I love reading her blog and seeing what she has been up to since graduation. She makes some really unique and beautiful jewelry and accessories and is participating in Baltimore Fashion week! Go Amanda! 


In Amanda's Words

gus·sied up – transitive verb; 1. to dress in one's best clothes.  2. a blog chronicling the adventures of a 20-something fashion entrepreneur, offering an array of style advice.
I created All Gussied Up for the every day woman.  It’s a place to share styling tips, be inspired by vintage, and take part in the humorous journey that has become my life.  Fresh out of college, I decided to start a business and develop a clothing collection called Gilly Lynn.  I am truly passionate about what I do and I sincerely enjoy helping others develop their style.  Everyday is a new adventure and every girl deserves a little gussying from time to time.

Is there a such thing as an internet soul mate? Well I'm pretending there is and Deanna is mine. Seriously. She gets me. She cracks me up on the regular and I want to be her best friend. Also? Add in two freaking adorable little boys and we have perfection. Pretty sure Gage and Peyton will marry someday (hoping). On top of being an awesome momma, wife, and blogger, she also makes some sweet jewelry that I can never seem to win. Anyway long story short go visit her and love her like I do. 


In Deanna's Words

Hello fellow Peanut Gallerians. I'm Deanna from delirious rhapsody. I'm a quirky stay at home mama of two amazing little boys, Gage, who is four, and Owsley, who is eight months old. In my spare time (hah) I like to craft and bake (and blog!) I often blog about the random happenings in my life, with a humorous approach on things. I'm all about motherhood whipping you into shape, but not taking over who you were before you became a mama. I'm laid back, sarcastic, and full of spontaneity, and I hope you'll take a moment of your time to stop by and say hello.

Um so.... Grace is 12. All I have to say is I wish I started blogging at 12. She is spunky and young and takes awesome pictures. She blogs all things great like fashion, food, photography, and her family. I was pleasantly surprised when I wandered over to her blog and I'm excited to have it on my reader. I think all young people need to find passions like Grace has, so go support her!


In Grace's Words

my name is grace. i am twelve years old, i am a photo nerd, and my favorite type of gum is Trident.
well, however you stumbled across this blog, i hope you like it. it's pretty much just me, some of my photography, and a little craziness. if that's your thing, totes click the "follow" button and make it official! if it's not, i understand. hey, i don't follow every blog i click on! photography is another aspect of my life. i started young. like, age four, young. of course, back then, overexposed pictures and blurriness were no different than professional portraits, but if i do say so, i have improved in the last few years. me and Layla (yes i named my camera thank you very much) have had great times together, and i can't see myself getting a new camera anytime soon (although i do change my mind, quickly, sometimes, especially if there's bargains involved.)

I love Sam. She is sarcastic, blunt, and hormonal, which makes for some very entertaining tweets! She is a newly wed and preggo with her first bebe and it's a boy! I love the realness (is that a word?) of her blog it's a breath of fresh air and she doesn't sugar coat it. I'm excited to see her family grow as she patiently prepares for the arrival of baby Q! 


In Sam's Words

I'm 22 yrs old. Married to a 29 yr old man. Pregnant with my first kid, Qeuntin, but we refer to him as baby Q these days. I guess you can say I did things backwards. I got pregnant, fell in love, and then got married. I don't regret it, and I love the way things turned out. I started my blog cause my big ol' sister Jess from IROCKSOWHAT told me I had too when we found out that I was pregnant. Still pregnant, so its a really newbie blog. 

Alaythea is pretty new to my reader but I fell hard and fast. She actually has two blogs, her life blog and her exercise blog both of which you should check out. She's done pretty much every work out in the book so she's my go to when have questions or need inspiration. Then there is Gianna her ridiculously adorable little girl. It's always great to find mom bloggers that you can really relate to because as most of you moms out there know, finding mom friends is hard even on the interwebz!


In Alaythea's Words

Hi, dearies, my name is Alaythea and I blog over at Rock 'N' Roll Hideaway. It's all about my daily life as a young wife and a stay at home mom to our four year old daughter, Gianna.  We live a quiet, sometimes uneventful life but we love it! I love sharing a little about us and getting to know so many of you as well. This little corner of cyberspace is my place to open up and get things off my mind and heart. Stop by and introduce yourself!

Allie is another blogger I happen to have the honor of knowing in person. We went to high school together, pretty sweet huh? Any who Allie blogs about, well, living, laughing and most importantly food. She's pretty handy with a camera which makes the food part that much more mouth watering. She also happens to be a work out enthusiast so yay for more inspiration! Allie's blog is easy on the eyes and I highly recommend meandering over there to see what she has been up to around this here nation's capital!


In Allie's Words

Hi, I'm Allie. I love food, photography, running, and baking. I write about it all and more on my blog, Live Laugh Eat.


So on the for realz go check out all of these wonderful ladies and show them some lovin. WINNING! 

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Allie said...

Thanks again, Ashley for having me! Um, my blurb was way too short!! I guess I just have to save the blabber for the guest post. Can't wait to check out all the other sponsors.

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

i didnt know allie had a blog, im totally going to stalk it now, especially since it has food! Glad you have lots of sponsers!!

Amanda said...

Ashley, you're so sweet! Thanks again for having me here! I can't wait to check out all the other blog ladies!

Audrey Sayle said...

Thaaaank yoooouuu! (but my link doesn't work :/ ) All the same I'm still blushing. :) If and when I ever have a decent following I will gladly post a tribute to you, my dahling <3

The Peanut Gallery said...

Audrey it doesn't??? I just tried it and it works for me! Hmm Ill add a few more so they make it there with no problems!

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