2 The ModCloth Review//The Night is Young

Thursday, August 18, 2011

So I got my dress for my first official ModCloth review The Night is Young 

hurr is muh review!

I Loved

The sequin skirt 

The simple top that doesnt over do it

The way it look on the invisible mannequin

I didnt love

The top was SUPER tight. It had boob darts and it suffocated muh boobs.. but like actually. 

The skirt had a jersey like lining that rolled on the bottom and hung out. It looked awful.

The fact that it is supposed to fit loosely at the top and form fitting on the bottom but it was tight all around. 

The way it looked on me 


I tried to call and send it back for a large and do a quick exchange so that it would make it in time for my birthday last weekend but they were out of stock, another ModCloth bummer, a lot of their dresses go out of stock fast!

The customer service was great, I actually talked to a person **le gasp** and the dress was super cute.. just not on me :( 


Sorry about the lack of pictures but I had A LOT going on last week and I got it tried it on hated it and packed it back up to send out all with in 20 min so I didnt have time to snap shots! forgive me! You wouldnt have wanted to see them anyway! 

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Kristina said...

What a bummer. I really loved this dress too! I'm super nervous to order any dresses on line for fit issues. :(

Danni Meyers said...

That totally sucks.

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PS. i am passing along a blogger award to you!

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