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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey.. hey guyzzz!!!!!

 I'm looking for lovely people to sponsor my blog in September. 
I have some followers. Sometimes I get more. Sometimes I lose some. I have readers. Some days I have lots of readers, some days not so much. From the looks of things my blog seems to be steadily growing if that seems to be of interest to you. But readers and followers aside, if you just like my blog and you would like to support it for the mere reason that you'd love to see it live on and grow and become even greater then we here (me here) at The Peanut Gallery would love to have you!  

So here are the deets:

Large ad $8:
Large sponsors get there ad showing on the left side of the blog for a month and it will be rotated through out. 
A place in my large sponsor write up
Host a giveaway or do a guest post if you so desire
Help support this stay at home momma! 

Small ad $5:
Small sponsors have there ad showing on the left side of the blog under the large ads. They will rotate through out the month
A place in my small sponsor highlight
Help support this stay at home momma!

You may or may not know but I am currently planning a wedding for next September. Tomorrow I am officially booking the date and couldn't be more excited! The bad news? We're broke. So from this moment on all blogging proceeds will go towards my September 2012 wedding. One that may potentially be held by Elvis in a Vegas chapel if I don't start saving soon! Please don't let that happen! 

We love all blogs/shops/people/sharks/companies here at the Peanut Gallery so if you think your ad would look good on the side of le blog shoot me an email. abussard7@gmail.com

also.... if you feel like donating with out an ad don't let me hold you back!

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Audrey Sayle said...

good luck with this! Also I sent you an email from thephoquefighter@hotmail.com. Did ya see it??

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