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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sometimes I feel like being a mom might be something similar to being an amputee. You know how when you lose a limb you realize how much you took the simple things in life for granted, like opening a can, or getting dressed, or whatever (well so they say bc you know, iv never actually lost a limb). Well instead of losing a limb Iv gained one. A very high maintenance, hyperactive, and needy limb. I can no longer go to the bathroom with out fear that the door will be yanked open for the whole house to see me doing my business. I can't paint my nails with out being climbed on and instructed to paint my leeches nails first. In every color I own. And then do it again. and again. Only to have those freshly painted wet nails, who said extra limb didnt have the patience to let dry, rubbed all over my clothes...

My most taken for granted daily activity since becoming a mom.... showers.

It's a luxury to be able to take a shower for longer than 3 min if at all now a days. Yes I can always take one with P, but really how relaxing can that be? And now that I watch my nephew 3-4 days a week that option has also seemed to go out the window.

Today my friends I finally got to take a shower while P took a nap. Now my hair is no longer slicked back with grease and people can rub up against my legs with out thinking they have encountered a cat, or a bear, or some other really hairy beast. It was so very nice.

yesterday I was sooo greasy that i had to wrap it up to hide the fact that it was glued to my head. 


So mommas (or dads) am I alone (i know Im not) what simple task did you take for granted before you gained an extra limb (or five)?

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Alaythea said...

Yeah, it's just been in the past few months that Gianna can take a shower on her own practically. I throw her in and after she gets her hair wet I add shampoo and such but up until now she's just showered with me. And I'm starting to realize now that I get to shower alone how nice it is not fighting someone while I try to shave! Lol! She's old enough now that she can watch cartoons or play in her room while I shower, I just leave the door open.

Love, Chelsea said...

I am so with you on the showering! Luckily Lily is still taking a nap or I would be the smelliest being. I took having time to exercise for granted. I use to have all the time in the world and now it is nearly impossible. I can't believe I'm actually thinking about starting over again with another baby! :)

jessi ♥ said...

SHOWERING!!! And running out to the store to grab things I need without carting a cranky toddler around...although to his credit he is a VERY good boy when we're out, it just makes it harder because my hands are constantly full of little boy trying to run away lol!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

i usually can go take a good 20 minute shower with Dulany. If i lock the door, open the bathroom door and put on Caillou, i know she will sit still and watch it. I dont give her any food for the fear of her chocking (just in case) while in the shower. but then again im in a teeny apartment and she's like 10 feet away from me. Sorry - i miss being able to just run out and get a soda with out having to grab d into the car/out of the car/back in the car!

Ashley said...

Everything... seriously lol. My son is five weeks old, so he's VERY needy right now. And breastfeeding? Goodness. I thought it would be a breeze, and so much more convenient than bottle feeding. I was slightly wrong, though. I never knew that babies need to breastfeed five times more than bottle fed babies, and I never considered the fact that my son may exit my womb and decide to be a little milk monster! So yes, I know how you feel!

One thing that I really miss... is running to the store to grab something and being in, out and home. Now? It takes two hours to leave to go anywhere, and then we have to lug a huge carrier in the store and use double the time to find what we need because we're busy wiping, coo'ing, cuddling, nursing, changing, ect ect.

Love your blog, by the way. ;)


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