0 Muh lap top is bokez

Monday, August 22, 2011

Um so blogging from my phone here to let you know my laptop decided that it just wasn't going to charge today... Cool lap top very cool. No no not cool at all. So anyway I just wanted to pop in and say I can hopefully take it in tomorrow but I dont know for sure if I can so my next blog post is TBD. Also sorry for the run ons and spelling errors and grammar mistakes more so than usual. Also really quick if you are interested in joining my book club I bought the first book today it's called 'call me princess' by Sara Blaedel. I would like to start by next Monday so try to get it by then! It's a murder mystery ooOOooOo I'm excited! Ummmm this is such a random post. Keep up with me via twitter (link on side bar) and if you have any questions or wanna sponsor me in September email me. Abussard7@gmail.com mmk that's all for now let's hope I get my computer back soon!!!!!

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